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SAVOUR BAKERY is the first healthy concept bakery in Northern Region that specialized in production of European Breads.

With a mission of bringing more quality and healthy breads and confectionery to our clients, SAVOUR BAKERYinsists to use imported flour as main ingredient and advance baking machine to ensure the quality of bread is the best!

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Both BREAD HISTORY (“BH”) and SAVOUR BAKERY (“SB”) are owned by Auyong family, originated from Penang. BH and SB were established in year 2003 and 2015 respectively. As at 1st January 2016, there are total numbers of 15 outlets (14 outlets for BH and 1 outlet for SB) in the northern region. Mr. Simon Auyong is founder of BH and SB, who has been involved in confectionery and pastry industry for more than 12 years. He was the Chief Baker in a well-known pastry company in Singapore. With the innovative products created by Mr. Simon Auyong, impressive interior design planning by Mr Lex Auyong and the marketing strategy and planning by Mr. John Auyong, have helped the growth of the companies. Under the leadership of Mr. Simon Auyong, Bread History has breakthrough the conventional concept of confectionery and pastry industry. The companies have successfully created a stylist interior design and decor of its outlets and bring creativity to their products. With such creativity, BH became the first modernity pastry company in the northern region. BH’s first outlet is located at Prangin Mall, Georgetown which soon after, became a brand of its own for pastries lovers. The companies have employed over 250 staffs which consists of management staffs, outlet managers, outlet assistants, outlet supervisors, chief bakers and production assistants. The companies have more than 100 types of buns and cakes in their production. These mouthwatering and delicious baked items are suitable and truly enjoyed by people of all ages. In 2015, BH achieved a higher bakery standard by creating Savour Bakery, the first and only Asia-Europe concept pastry in Penang and the northern region. SB was officiated by Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1 YB Dato Haji Mohd Rashid Bin Hasnon, Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera YB.Zairil Khir Johari, Tan Sri Datuk Hj Md Omar Bin Hj Yaakob and Dato Tony Looi on 6th December 2015. The all new Asia-Europe concept has its own design and bakery method and its promotes healthy breads. SB uses high quality raw materials which are imported from overseas. On top of that, SB designs its own unique European style breads. The product itself is an art. All the breads are freshly baked on the day you buy it. With the new establishment of SB, the company hopes to conquer overseas market and make Penang well known internationally.

Home Baking

We live to push the envelope on baking the best possible bread that you can make in a standard home kitchen.

Our Values

We do beautiful spreads for breakfast and lunch that feature our organic breads and hand-crafted pastries.


SAVOUR BAKERY has been baking with organic grains since our first loaf in 1983. We believe that organic food production is the right choice for individual health, for our earth, and for the farmers that work our fields.

Healthy Local

The bread that you purchase from us has not traveled far to get to you, and was made by a company committed to its surrounding communities. We purchase fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and grains from regional producers, and value relationships in our community.


SAVOUR BAKERY makes bread using traditional methods of natural sourdoughs and slow, long fermentation. We believe that this process creates deeply flavorful and healthy breads. We also believe that this process requires skilled bakers and skilled hands.

We bake your favourite

Our slogan “ We bake your favourite” is also our commitment to our customer that we will keep on produce some new variety of breads and buns.


SAVOUR BAKERY bakes many products, but our most common are our Certified Organic sliced breads.
These breads are made with organic, stone-ground flours, water, organic grains, sea salt, and little else.

Learn more about each of our breads below.

Simple Concept

SAVOUR BAKERY is and has always been committed to simple life and living grounded in nature, community, and simple and honest breads and foods.


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Our breads baked freshly everyday with imported high quality ingredients.

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